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No. Because our guests are busy, working professionals, with employers on the Island, theft or damage to a host’s home is highly unlikely, and certainly atypical of Room Away From Home guests. That aside, all households within our scheme should be particularly security conscious with exterior doors and windows, so that in case of a burglary, access to the property can be clearly established as coming from an outside party.

We advise to inform your insurance company that you are letting a bedroom and ask them what additional cover your need, for example:

The tenant is responsible for insuring his or her own personal possessions. This is often covered by household insurance on their permanent residence, or can be extended to cover this.

An immaculately clean and tidy private room. It must be completely empty of a landlord’s personal belongings.

The bed should be made up with freshly laundered, co-coordinating bed-linen at the beginning of each stay, or once per week depending on the duration of the stay.

The mattress should be Adult-sized, and good quality. There should be a duvet (correct tog for the season please) and at least two pillows.

If you benefit from “Single Person Occupancy”, this should not be affected for short stay bookings, or ‘5 days only’ bookings. However, the implementation of these rules varies from council to council. As yet, we have been unable to get an answer from the Isle of Wight Council and advise you to contact them directly if you are unsure.

As a landlord, you are responsible for the safety of your tenants.

The Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 deal with landlords’ duties to ensure gas appliances, fittings and flues provided for tenants are safe. Appliances, fittings and flues in a communal area but which may be used by tenants are also included. You are responsible for the maintenance and repair of flues, appliances and pipework provided for your tenants use.

Good practice would be the demonstration of regular, annual maintenance checks and subsequent repairs by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

You are also responsible for ensuring an annual gas safety check is carried out within 12 months of the installation of a new appliance or flue which you provide, and annually thereafter by a Gas Safe Registered engineer. You must keep a record of the safety check for 2 years and issue a copy to each existing tenant within 28 days of the check being completed – and issue a copy to any new tenants before they move in.

A Landlords Gas Safety Certificate must be renewed every 12 months