merriebank lettings

The properties on our books cannot be classed as your main residence even though many of our properties welcome you to extend your stay.

Please do not use the address for official post i.e. bank statements, phone bills and credit cards. All your official correspondence should be sent to your place of work.

In the past we have allowed guests to use the property address to have post sent to them but a number of properties have been overwhelmed with post from previous guests who have not provided a forwarding address.

The legal management of this post is becoming contentious with landlords and this has been known to go on for years. It also leaves guests open to becoming victims of identity fraud. We risk having properties withdrawn from our list if this rule is not adhered to.

By having official post sent to an address as your main residence, the property’s HMO status changes, and we risk hefty fines if this is perceived to be the case.

We strive to offer contract workers the most accessible and value for money service when they come to work on the Island but we need our clients to work with us to maintain this as an option. Thank you for your assistance in this matter.